Basic Pet Sitting Services Include:
-Daily visit to your home.
-Feed your pets per your instruction as well as refreshing water bowl.
-Provide loving care for your pets while exercising and playing with your pets.
-Take in your mail/newspapers.
-Water plants, if requested.
-Adjusting drapes and lights for a “lived in” look.
-Check for pet accidents & if necessary, clean them up.
-Email or call owners daily.
-If there are any other services not listed, please ask as we may be able to accommodate

Work Week Service:

  • For the pet owner who is out all day. This service benefits your pet by alleviating boredom and breaks up the day to give your pet playtime or a midday walk.

Dog Boarding:

For the pet that would enjoy staying at our home instead of a kennel. We will pamper your pet with the same love and care that we give our own. This is a great alternative to boarding your pet in a kennel.

Vacation Service:

  • For the pet that would rather stay in their own comfortable and familiar environment. We will come several times a day to feed, walk, play and clean up after your pet.

One Day Service:

For the pet whose owner is going out for an event and needs us to come feed, walk, or play, just for the day.

Daily Walk Service:

For the dog that needs to be exercised everyday. Your dog will love the 30 minute walk I offer.

Doggie Day Care:

For the pet owner who would like to have their dog spend the day with us. We offer a safe, supervised setting where your dog will enjoy exercise and receive a lot of loving attention.