About Us

     My husband and I have always had an undying love and passion for animals. We were both raised in homes where pets were always present and blessed with having parents who had an admiration for all types of animals. We have continued our family’s tradition in providing a loving home for our pets as well as volunteering at local animal shelters and adoption agencies. My parents, who are a part of our pet sitting staff, open their homes to unwanted dogs and rehabilitate them back to health. They provide their foster dogs a loving and safe environment until a permanent home can be found.

      We have two furry kids, Lacey and Bailey, two wonderful bichon frises that bring great joy to our lives. Lacey was a puppy when we got her and it was so much fun seeing her develop her own personality. A year later, we met Bailey who was a rescue and we adopted him from the organization that my parents volunteer with. He stole our hearts on the spot so we decided to bring him into our family. Adopting an animal is such a great experience and we recommend it to anybody who can provide a happy and loving home to a furry friend. We have an unconditional love for our pets, so we understand how much your pets mean to you. If you entrust us with the care of your pets, we will give them the same loving care and attention we would give our own

     It has always been a life long dream to work and care for animals. Pet sitting and boarding has provided us with an opportunity to work with animals daily and when you do something that you love, it’s such a rewarding experience. While it’s a lot of fun, we take our responsibilities seriously and it means a lot to us to create a bond with you and your pets!!